This activity has been probably the most interesting of the entire project. The objective has been to verify in the real context of the city of Bolzano the benefits, both in environmental and operative terms, that the INTEGREEN system allows to obtain.

This Action is organized in three different Tasks:

Task 5.1 Components tests, which has:

  • tested the correct functioning of each installed component, and its compliance with the specifications;
  • tested the interoperability of the new implemented components with the existing ones.

Task 5.2 Outdoor urban tests, which has:

  • validated the INTEGREEN system as a whole, collecting and analyzing data through dedicated outdoor experimental campaign;
  • assessed the ecological benefits of different experimental traffic planning strategies (in particular, the introduction of speed enforcement detectors, the dynamic adaptation of traffic lights cycles and the introduction of advanced traveler information services).

Task 5.3 Eco-friendly traffic policies, which has concentrated on the analysis of eco-friendly traffic policies which are able to reduce the environmental impact of traffic. In this final task, the most efficient measures for the urban area of Bolzano to be deployed in the next years have been identified on a quantitative basis.