Expected and achieved results

In order to meet the ambitious objectives of the project, a work plan organized in ten different actions has been considered. The project operates in three different dimensions:

  • Technological dimension. In this dimension the technical implementation of the INTEGREEN system is located. It is organized in a logical and consequential order, which starts from the analysis of the requirements and ends with the experimental assessment of the prototype system.
  • Social dimension. This dimension covers all dissemination and networking activities with the public audience. It is made up of three different but complementary actions, two of them (action nr. 6 and 7) are active for the whole project duration. The aim is to guarantee a strong outcome of the project, not only during its execution but above all after its conclusion.
  • Project management dimension. This dimension supports the implementation of both technological and social actions, and aims to guarantee a high-quality fulfillment of their objectives in the temporal pre-defined schedules

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