The first INTEGREEN workshop

August 2012

The first INTEGREEN workshop was held on June 27th 2012 at TIS innovation park, in the city of Bolzano.
The event has been the occasion for a first joint meeting point with the local stakeholders. Project objectives were presented and users' needs were discussed.  The workshop gave even the chance to discuss the "Environmental Traffic Management" topic with international stakeholders. In particular, the proposed solutions of INTEGREEN were compared with the ones evaluated and/or under study in the urban areas of Berlin, Glasgow, London and Graz.

The presentations program was:

  1. The long-term mobility and traffic management strategy of the Municipality of Bolzano, Ivan Moroder, Municipality of Bolzano - [slide]
  2. An introduction to the INTERGREEN project; Roberto Cavaliere, TIS innovation park - [slide]
  3. Mobile traffic and air pollution monitoring; Wolfgang Ponweiser and Reinhard Kloibhofer, Austrian Institute of Technology - [slide]
  4. Urban traffic and air pollutant emissions: a complex relationship; Gianluca Vignoli and Gianluca Antonacci, CISMA - [slide]
  5. iQ mobility – Experiences in Berlin; Chris Schwarz, VMZ Berlin [slide]
  6. Mobile air quality monitoring: the DUVAS technology; Jim Mills, Air Monitors LT  [slide]
  7. CARBOTRAF: a decision support tool for ecoTraffic Management; Wolfgang Ponweiser, Austrian Institute of Technology - [slide]
  8. Initial INTERGREEN requirements evaluation and user needs discussion; Roberto Cavaliere, TIS innovation park - [slide]

During the presentation