September 2012

Innovation festival  27-29 September, 2012.

Innovation festival Bolzano

The INTEGREEN project is going to participate to the first Innovation Festival which will be held in Bolzano (italy) from 27-29 September, 2012.

For the INTEGREEN project participating to the Innovation Festival is not only a good opportunity to show and promote the key features of the project to the involved citizen but also allow all the people interested to discover and learn concepts regarding eco-compatible driving behaviors.
In addition beside all the common communication aspects such as experts with whom talk, flyers and brochures of the project, throughout the whole Innovation Festival  the INTEGREEN project is presenting an eco-driving simulator. By using this simulator people can learn how to drive in a eco-compatible approach, they will receive advices regarding their driving behavior in order to save as much fuel as possible. As a result thanks to this eco-driving simulator all the interested people can freely understand all the advantages of driving in an eco-compatible manner. 
We are looking forward to seeing you at our stand the smart green mobility of the future, everyone is invited!