Bolzanoinbici 2015

September 2015

On September 13th, 2015 the 21st edition of the event “Bolzanoinbici” has taken place. It is an event organized by the Municipality of Bolzano which aims at closing the city to motorized traffic for one day in order to promote the pedestrian and cycling mobility culture in the city of Bolzano. Even this last edition has been a large success, with about 6.000 people attending the different initiatives organized in collaboration with UISP Bolzano, ArtPool  and the different city districts.

The event has been the occasion to distribute on large scale the Layman's Report of the INTEGREEN project, which presents in a short and simplified form the results and outcomes achieved. Not only: a poster for the promotion of the pilot end-users applications has been prepared and hanged up around the city, with the purpose to incentivize people to make a frequent use of these new services. In that respect, in the next future it is planned to hang up the poster at all bus stops and in other points at high visibility.