Final Report:

Main project deliverables:

D.2.1.1 Supervisor centre components requirements
D.2.2.1 Mobile system requirements
D.3.2.1 On board telematic unit  
D.3.1.2 Vehicle-to-centre front-end design and web interfaces design
D.3.2.2 On-board traffic and environmental monitoring unit
P.4.1.1 Data management unit prototype (annex)
P.4.1.2 Vehicle-to-centre front-end prototype
P.4.1.3 Environmental stations front-end prototype
P.4.1.4  Operators centre web interface prototype
P.4.1.5 Public web interface prototype  
P.4.2.1 On-board traffic monitoring unit prototype
P.4.2.2 On-board environmental monitoring unit prototype
P.4.2.3 On-board telematic unit prototype
D.5.2.2 Test Bed validation and INTEGREEN benefits assessment
D.5.3.1 Quantitative impact of eco-friendly traffic policies

FRAME annexes:

Together with deliverables D.3.1.1 and D.3.1.2 we have made available some usable outputs concerning the reference ITS FRAME architecture of INTEGREEN, which could be used by third parties to replicate an environmental traffic management architectures in other EU urban areas. Below you can download: